‘Wild’ will break your heart.


Reese Witherspoon gets grimy in the performance of her career.

Thank you, creepy man watching “Wild” in back of me, your snores muffled my quiet sobs.

“Wild” is a profound exploration of loss and Reese Witherspoon shines as Cheryl Strayed, a fatherless, troubled and addicted young woman coping with the sudden death of her loving mother with heroin, rampant promiscuity and self-annihilation. She fights back to redeem herself on a poorly planned 1000 mile trek through the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way she stops torturing herself and reconciles her mistakes with a promise to heal.

I lived in the Pacific Northwest in the late 90s, the same time Cheryl searches for redemption in “Wild”. The movie nails the era with a perfect soundtrack and a good grasp on the grungy decadence and melancholy mood.

Why does it take a death for one to appreciate a parent? Why are we so cruel to our mothers? How can we stop the guilt and embrace the memories?

What a movie, what a performance.