‘You can do anything for one year’ and other fibs we tell ourselves.


“I’m going to learn to understand and enjoy football this season,” I fib to myself again this fall. I trudged through last night’s 33:3 Patriot’s game and all it did was remind me of my new personal relationship with the number 3.

I’m soon to start my third job within three years. Yes, I’ve committed career kamikaze but I’ve luckily landed on the right side of sanity. And I’m happier than Tom Brady devouring a bowl of avocado ice cream , more fulfilled than Meghan Markle humiliating her 14th personal assistant. Gosh, I’m HBO’s Euphorialevel blissed out of my mind!

After a solid career of staying at jobs for a respectable amount of time, two years ago I started a new, fabulous job…only to leave one year later for a job with a much smaller commute, a pay increase and room for advancement.

Sounds smart, if only the job was close to what it was offered to be. It wasn’t, I became miserable and a search for a new job commenced. Funny thing about hiring managers though, they don’t dig candidates who move jobs repeatedly.

For 365 days, I recited an uninspiring mantra while searching for my next job, “You can do anything for a year.” I’m now fairly certain that doctrine only pertains to actions like eating carrots, appreciating jazz, and reading War and Peace because staying at an unhappy job for four New England seasons can deliver a Britney-breakdown.

Think about it, has anyone advised you, in the midst of a damaging relationship, to just give it a year? It’s the silliest advice I’ve swallowed since I convinced myself I could learn to become attracted to an actuary named Gregor JUST because his name was Gregor, or when I assured myself I had the physical and psychological strength to zipline. Gregor, the zipline and I all had disastrous outcomes but I did make it EXACTLY to 365 days at work and welcomed the day with a resignation letter and a new job I’m going to adore.

So there’s a new me now and I’m thrilled. Soon, I start a fresh job at a social services agency doing what I do. And I’ve had a little time off between jobs to digest some cool pop-culture and here are three things I dig.

  1. Hulu’s Shrill

Shrill is a hysterical Hulu series about Annie, a confident overweight writer, living a full life. What I enjoy about the show is that it doesn’t spend gobs of time focusing on Annie’s weight or pursuit for thinness; it’s about the trials and tribulations of an apartment-dwelling funny girl  making it in the hipster world of Portland, Oregon. SNL’s Aidy Bryant is a gem and the show is refreshing, honest and filled with cool music and surprising cameos.

 2. Lana Del Rey’s Normal F$%^ing Rockwell!
Don’t listen to Lana Del Rey’s 5th album if you’re looking for the next Summertime Sadness, this is a quietly mesmerizing and haunting library of songs about loss, heartache and the Trump era’s crushing of the American dream. It’s also clever in a sly, understated way. 3. Kieran Culkin in HBO’s Succession I found a new favorite actor and he’s Kieran Culkin in HBO’s Succession. Watching him every week is a marvel at the audacity of the English language and the sheer potential for ultimate cruelty that simple words strung together can produce. His character, Roman Roy, is ruthless and humane, all in one pint-sized man body. More Culkins in everything, please!