Book Review: Ali In Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales, by Alexander Wentworth



Read it for an evening of laughs.

Read it for an evening of laughs.

Ali Wentworth’s memoir is about a woman that has a lot: Greek intellectual hunk George Stephanopoulos as a loving husband, a blue-blood pedigree that includes her mother, Nancy Reagan’s former White House Social Secretary as a mom and a family that is uproariously funny and dysfunctional.

The book recounts Ali’s nanny-filled upbringing in Washington D.C. to her wild boarding school days to her career in showbiz. Wentworth was a cast member of In Living Color, appeared on Seinfield and continues as a correspondent on Oprah. Her story is sprinkled with stories about pestering Henry Kissinger as a child, sleeping around in Hollywood and always finding solace in retreating to the Four Seasons.

There are no moments of clarity here, Ali offers no stories of hitting rock bottom, no eating disorders, drug overdoses, no real failing or suffering from much other than a case of slight heartbreak. This is a funny memoir about a privileged and intelligent woman that sheds her posh roots to claw her way into comedy and finds her way back into the political stratosphere by marrying political journalist and former Clinton insider Stephanopoulos. Along the way, highlights include a very wrong and short dalliance with cocaine, a juicy relationship with an unnamed Hollywood producer and stories on how a rich, young liberal woman came to shock and awe the political world.


She’s there. I wonder if she was friends with Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez? Probably not.




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