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Cameron, honey, you can let yourself go now.

These Madden brothers are ambitious with their love pursuits.

Cameron, honey, you can let yourself go now. You are dating a Madden bother. But don’t feel too bad, his band is still better than Jared Leto’s.

Brian Williams' daughter is just awful.

Brian Williams’ daughter is just awful.

Oh Allison Williams, you well-bred disaster of an actor. I will watch every second of this approaching catastrophe just so that I can laugh, and not in a positive way. I have this love/hate relationship with “Girls” and the hatred is directed at Allison’s acting or lack of acting. I enjoy that her character performs many cringe-worthy acts because I dig watching Allison squirm in her expensive shoes.


I highly recommend reading these two books before seeing them at the movies.

Reese Witherspoon as a troubled and heartbroken recovering  addict on an ill advised hiking adventure searching for the meaning of life. I think this role will erase Reese’s good girl image.

Jennifer Lawrence as a barren, murderous villain in a 1930s wealthy logging dynasty. Both must reads and soon-to-be must sees.